Rotalactis S.r.l.
Via Ribes, 5 - 10010
Colleretto Giacosa (TO)

Dr. Amedeo Conti
Mobile: +39 3420593728

Welcome to Rotalactis

We intend to develop a safe, highly acceptable, food ingredient/supplement that makes baby foods at least as protective as human breast milk against rotavirus infections

Rotalactis at a glance

  • Spin-off of the National Research Council and of the University of Torino; established in December 2008 in the BioIndustry Park close to Ivrea (TO) by researchers and academics with consolidated experience in the filed, it operates in the area of nutraceuticals and is part of the Eporgen Venture portfolio
  • Rotalactis is developing a novel, proprietary, dietary ingredient/supplement (RotalactineTM) derived from equine milk for the prevention of neonatal infections by the rotavirus. The product is considered as a "novel food" and would primarily be targeted at infants who are not breastfed and therefore cannot enjoy the natural protection provided by breast milk, but could also be used to enrich formula milk for growth.
  • Rotavirus provokes around 25 million visits to the doctor, 2 million hospitalizations and 500,000 deaths worldwide each year. In Europe, the rotavirus is responsible yearly for around 230 deaths, 87,000 recoveries in hospital, 700,000 visits to the doctor and 2.8 million episodes of illness at home. Currently there are no treatments available and vaccination against rotavirus has serious shortcomings and is not widely practiced in the developed world.
  • RotalactineTM is derived from the donkey’s milk lactadherin sequence that competes with virus attachment. A number of in vitro studies have elucidated the mechanism of action of RotalactineTM and demonstrated its remarkable anti-rotavirus activity. Further studies in in vivo models are ongoing
  • Rotalactis' technology and products are protected by a patent filed in 2010.
  • Rotalactis is currently seeking partners and/or investors for the future development of RotalactineTM